Unstable Territories

Unstable Territories is a rusty landscape, formed by traces of history, an improvised run away. It drives the memory into a visceral state of dark warmness. Like a known dream ... a déjà-vu …

Unstable Territories is mainly conceived by Laura Colmenares Guerra, taking inspiration from Jeff Noon's Pollen, Colombian geography and the human circulatory system.

A ground projection that detects people walking on it, reacting accordingly, while taking the active spectators through a time-based interactive scenario.

Unstable Territories was born in 2009 during a residency at iMAL, in the framework of a French ANR-funded research project (Virage) on developing of new control interfaces and script based interactive scenarios for digital & performing art. Virage's legacy continues nowadays with the ossia project.

In 2010, it received a development funding from the Digital Arts Department of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

It used Max/MSP (with Jamoma), shaders for realtime video manipulation, Processing for generating an interactive circulatory system, and Virage's sequencer to control the scenario.

Unstable Territories on Laura's website