Generative audio-reactive animation, for the temporary, low-res iMAL media facade.

In 2010, iMAL was in talk with Dexia to show various projects (including a commissioned work by Antoine Schmitt) on the Dexia Tower in Brussels. The plan fell through, and we decided to make our own low-tech, low-res media façade, with the help of Vincent Evrard.

iMAL LED façade in 2010

A Processing sketch was controlling through DMX 18 REG LED spotlights, one for each window of the building.

I made an audio-generative sketch for generating rhythmic patterns. The music wasn't actually played in the public space, but mostly used as a "seed" for the generation.

A first version was showed in during the Festival Media Facades Europe 2010.

After a 4-days workshop at iMAL, a second version was showed during Nuits Blanches 2011 / Todays Art Festival.