Reclaim the web!

  • With iMAL

Inspired by the Peer-to-Peer Web events organised in Los Angeles, Berlin and NYC, an afternoon or presentations / workshops around Dat/Beaker and Scuttlebutt, organised for iMAL.

With Hunor Karamán, Raphaël Bastide and Zenna Fiscella.

Today, major parts of our (online) lives rely on platforms and tools developed by only a handful of internet companies. Numerous scandals and controversies in the recent years have raised awareness on the profound power imbalance inherent to this model. A "feudal internet" of authoritarian centralised applications.

This leads to a growing discontent. We feel powerless over the ethics, policies and design of platforms that appear inescapable.

It's time to reclaim our online lives and re-enchant the web! Not by a nostalgic return to yesterday's internet, but with exciting new proposals for a decentralised and distributed future.

During Reclaim the web!, you will discover the peer-to-peer web, an alternative to our current system, where anyone can share data, publish websites and apps from their own computer, without relying on any centralised server or service.


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