Zou! is a custom, idiosyncratic, flat-file static site generator written in Python.

It's inspired by Kirby CMS, Jon-Kyle Mohr's Enoki and Hunor Karamán SSG version Enoki-build.

This is how this site is made.

I looked into existing Python-based static site generators, and I had the feeling that fitting them to my needs would require an amount of work I'd rather invest in building something simpler from scratch (and learning a lot in the process).

Some traits:
- It's designed for hierarchical contents more than "flat" chronological blogs. Contents are ordered based on folder prefixes, as in Kirby.
- It's built around the idea of Pages and Page Components, each define by a markdown+yaml file in a folder.
- Page Components are displayed on their containing Page. Pictures galleries, for example, are automatically generated from a series of image files in a folder (with a component.md file).
- The site's content, assets and Jinja2 templates are stored in a git repository. Pushes to origin trigger re-rendering of the necessary pages using Git Hooks. Git is thus my main interface for updating the website.

Sources will soon be available.

Read more about the website here.