The Schottky Correlation

"We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter"
– Max Planck

"Into the great void of space came a sound and the matter took shape"
– Hans Jenny

The Schottky Correlation is influenced by science-fiction and pseudo-science. The installation, developed with Lionel Maes, depicts a mysterious entity discovered by a scientist while analysing various phenomena of noise and electromagnetic disturbances. The presence of this entity is evoked by a voice leaking from radio sets and a face materialised on CRT TV screens.

The entanglement of fiction and reality that takes place in conspiracy theories, or in pathological science - this moment where the scientific discourses derails into para-science - inspired the narrative of the project.

The entity's discourse is generated in real time, and evolves according to its "mood" throughout the duration of the exhibition. It uses web scrapping and natural language processing. The face is generated in 3D before its analogue video signal gets glitched.

A first version was exhibited in October 2011 at La Raffinerie (Brussels), during the "Public Assessment of the Consultative Commission for Digital Arts 2006-2010".

The Schottky Correlation received a development funding from the Digital Arts Department of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.