This space is meant to document and archive some of my works and projects. Hopefully soon it will also contain notes on various topics.

It's also an exercice in building a website with simple hand-made tools.

My previous website was running on Drupal, and these things invariably age badly. This new website is generated with my own static site generator, from a folder of Markdown files and medias.

Instead of editing HTML directly, or working through a CMS interface, I can just create content by creating folders, copying files, and using my Markdown editor of choice.

Screenshot of Zettlr

Since the generated website is just good old HTML files, with no dependence on a specific PHP version or some database server, it's much more durable, lightweight and secure.

I wanted something lightweight, in the spirit of solar.lowtechmagazine. Low←Tech Magazine are using dithered indexed-colours images, because "our goal was to not only compress images, but also to call to attention this act of compression". And it's beautiful.

But I noticed that this retro 1-bit aesthetic was already getting popular in some circles, so I wanted to do something different. Heavy JPG compression also has its own artifacts, that I amplified in some places by blowing up originally small and heavily compressed images. While it connects back to old interests, it's also influenced by Rosa Menkman's own fascination for the DCT.

Inspired by the "dirty" feel of compression artifacts, I introduced some messy randomness to some part of the website. Since it's not a dynamic website, and since it barely uses any JavaScript, the randomness is only changing whenever I regenerate the page.

Naturally, the website contains uses no trackers or cookies, and tries to limit the loading of external resources to the maximum (I think it's only one Youtube embed so far). Btw, please use a blocker.

I also tried to make sure the website at least loads on very old computers & browsers, although the result is not always optimally readable.

this website on Windows 98, in Netscape 4.08

Lastly, the website is also served over the P2P web. You can browse it at the following address using the Agregore browser.

All you need to know about me is on the homepage and the logs.